Fox Management | Divisions




Entrepreneurship Division

The Entrepreneurship Division focuses on providing individuals, groups, and companies with business planning and thinking entrepreneurially. Fox Management representatives work with individuals and groups that desire to start a business. Representatives also work with companies that desire employees to think more entrepreneurially.

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment Division

The Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment Division focuses on long-term strategies in which the entity can assist in solving its own problems. This division focuses on long-term strategies to assist with changing the organization’s culture, as well as identifying problems versus symptoms. The division works with the client to examine historical data, observe employee behavior, and devise a plan to modify behavior to the desired behavior.

Training Division

Fox Management Consulting Enterprises, LLC, offers an assortment of workshops, seminars, and training based on the customer’s needs. Each training session is tailored based on analysis of a problem, determination of strategies, and implementation of training. A representative of Fox Management will meet with the client to determine the best type of training, workshop, or seminar needed.

Travel and Tour Division

The Travel and Tour Division assists executives and staff in arranging travel plans, cultural acclimation, and diversity training. Additionally, the division assists small, medium, and large groups that wish to tour domestically, and well as internationally.